Google released Android Q, these are special features

Get ready now for Google's next mobile OS version of Android Q. Its first beta has been released, but it is only for limited smartphones.

Andriod Q
Andriod Q
Google has released the next version of Android Android Q. However, the first beta of the Android Q has been introduced and will be fully presented in the I / O conference. Changes made in Android Q are not currently faux, but developers have been built keeping in mind.

These special features will be found in the Android Q

ccording to the Android Police, the theming options are provided in the developer settings of Android Q. You can choose from different color accents in it, choose headline and body fonts, and even you can change the shape of icons. Blue is the default here and besides black, purple and green color.

Wifi connectivity will be better High performance WiFi mode with Android Q will be given and the latency will be reduced. This will improve gaming and calling performance better than before.

Location sharing

Most apps ask for your location, even when you are not using those apps. Android Q will give more control to users on location sharing. Like iOS, here you will find a prompt screen pop up asking how long you want to give location access to this app.

Portrait Effect

Nearly every smartphone is now being given portrait mode, it is used during photographer. Google has given many different types of blur effects in the new version of Android that look realistic. According to Google, the company is working with the device partners so that they can be supported in devices running on Android Q.

Beta of Android Q is just getting in Google pixel device

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