Smartphones, social media & other technologies

Smartphones, social media & other technologies
Smartphones, social media & other technologies

Technology-facilitated violence, stalking and harassment

Relationship manhandle and family savagery isn't constantly about physical dangers or brutality. Electronic correspondence and online conduct by an accomplice, relative or another person you know can likewise be damaging in the event that it influences you to feel terrified or risky.

Innovation encouraged brutality and online manhandle can include: 

  • Browsing or hacking your email account 
  • Observing your web utilize 
  • 'Reprisal porn', where a man disperses or posts false, embarrassing or suggest/sexualised recordings or photographs of you without your assent 
  • Informing, messaging or messaging you in a way that influences you to feel pressured, threatened or terrified 
  • Spreading gossipy tidbits about you, or mimicking you 
  • Badgering or undermining you, or your loved ones on long range interpersonal communication locales, for example, Facebook, Twitter or dating/visit/diversions destinations. 

Stalking, including on the web or cyberstalking is a wrongdoing. It can likewise demonstrate an abnormal state of hazard in a rough relationship. In the event that you are influencing an answer to the police, to be clear about your worries with respect to the utilization of innovation and assemble any proof that may aid an examination.

The NSW police have counsel on the most proficient method to record stalking occurrences and what points of interest to assemble to make an answer to police.

Cell phones 

By 2016 there will be in excess of 20 million cell phones utilized in Australia. More individuals will get to online administrations like managing an account, shopping and web perusing through their cell phones than on a computer.

Our consistent dependence on cell phones in day by day life, and the data they assemble and transmit, for example, writings, call information, and the geographic/area points of interest, implies they are an essential apparatus for correspondence. In any case, they additionally can possibly be utilized as an instrument of mishandle.

The Victorian SmartSafe examine found that innovation, including cell phones, is being utilized by abusers as an extra road for manhandle that gives 24 hour access to casualties. 

As per this exploration: 

  • 80% of ladies got writings that influenced them to feel anxious 
  • 65 % of ladies got calls that influenced them to feel apprehensive, and 
  • 63% of ladies trusted they were being taken after or followed. 

The part of cell phones in innovation encouraged mishandle incorporates:

  • Undermining or harsh telephone calls 
  • Monotonous undermining or injurious instant messages 
  • Following your area through Apps and 'discover my telephone' administrations 
  • Geotagging of photos taken with cell phones 
  • Cell phone spyware 

Steps can be taken to expand your security and protection and utmost the abuser's entrance.

Cautioning: If you trust that enhancing your innovation wellbeing may heighten the brutality or mishandle, look at the 'Support' segment of this site for security tips. In the event that you are in impending threat, contact the police on 000.

Safety tips: visit Technology safety planning & privacy tips

Online life

Contingent upon security settings and what data is noticeable, it is feasible for an injurious individual to discover a great deal about your life and whereabouts. This can happen either straightforwardly from your own particular record, or through cooperation with your family, companions and others on the web.

An oppressive individual can likewise reach a man regardless of whether they have moved to another geographic area. Almost half (49%) of ladies studied in the Victorian SmartSafe inquire about got contact from the abuser through Facebook.

Individuals can likewise set up false internet based life accounts. This can give them access to data in the event that they have been hindered, and also to mimic others including the casualty, or to utilize online networking as a gathering to impart harming or oppressive data to a man's family and companions.

To enhance security via web-based networking media set your protection settings to the most extreme, so you constrain who can see data that you post, or that others post about you.

Privacy policies for social media platforms:
Offer these assets with your companions or family and, in the event that you are encountering on the web manhandle or badgering, request that they consider changing their own security settings, and to not label you in pictures, as far as possible data about you on the web.

Safety tips: visit Advice for family and friends

Different advancements 

A wide range of electronic gadgets and advancements can be utilized to mishandle and irritate. These incorporate shrouded cameras, PC spyware, GPS beacons, concealed chronicle gadgets and other spyware. These are accessible on the web or at spyware shops, and can be generally modest.

Cautioning: If you are worried that somebody might screen you with the utilization of these advances, look at the 'Support' segment of this site for security tips. On the off chance that you are in impending risk, contact the police on 000.

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